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Con-Fuzion Entertainment, LLC Youth Protection Policy

Con-Fuzion Entertainment, LLC (CFELLC) recognizes the importance of protecting

youth participants in CFELLC events and activities, including online activities. CFELLC has adopted a zero

tolerance policy with regard to actions or behaviors that threaten the safety of young people, including

violence, bullying, sexual harassment, sexual assault, and other inappropriate or potentially harmful

actions or behaviors. CFELLC views the safety and security of all participants—especially young people—

as a top priority.

All participants at CFELLC events and activities (including online activities) are encouraged to report any

unsafe or inappropriate behaviors, conditions, or circumstances, including any violation of this Youth

Protection Policy or violation of any other policy or rule intended to promote a safe environment.

This Youth Protection Policy has been developed with sensitivity to the unique aspects of

CFELLC’s mission, events, and other activities.

The goals of this policy include:

• Increasing awareness about potential risks and recognizing each individual’s 

ability to help protect CFELLC’s youth participants.

• Inspiring confidence and competence in identifying dangerous situations and behaviors.

• Creating a safe and fun environment for CFELLC’s youth participants.

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