Everyone has a superpower. It could be anything from teaching a class on making cosplays to providing information services to being the registration volunteer who hands someone a badge to indescribable wonder! There are several different types of volunteer opportunities with Con-Fuzion! What is your superpower!?

Please fill out the application below in its entirety. Once we review applications, we will contact you with volunteer assignment information.

Next Volunteer Meeting will be held on Saturday September 29th at 5pm, the location is listed in the Con-Fuzion Volunteer Facebook Group. We will be removing people from the volunteer list that have not come to any meetings as of yet. Also, if you haven't signed the Non-Disclosure Agreement, you need to come to the meeting, and get that taken care of so we can add you to the Facebook Group. You can also stop by Top End Gaming any day and fill out the NDA form. 


The Con-Fuzion Team

Con-Fuzion Volunteer Application

Con-Fuzion Staff T-Shirts

If you haven't been to any volunteer meetings, AND you haven't submitted the volunteer application above, AND you haven't signed the Non-Disclosure Agreement, you will not receive a Staff T-Shirt.

If you have completed those 3 items, please fill out the Staff T-Shirt order form below!